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BUY FROM THE ORIGINATOR AND DESIGNER and not china knock offs on Ebay & Amazon!!!
Now with 4 bolt patterns built in! The China copies dont have that yet! 

You need to get your s**t straight.

Don't wear off those expensive utv tires. Get your alignment set right the first time!

Cars, trucks, and utv's are not the same! Years of offroad racing experience has lead us to design and develop a simple alignment jig for the UTV consumer. Wether you are running down the highway, or setting up for racing, our kit will get you the best possible alignment without a digital alignment machine.

For years our shop has been doing utv alignments and using a similar tool we made long ago. Customers have brought us their utv's for alignments and we are "ALWAYS" shocked how far out of alignment they are, even after just having a digital alignment done.

We decided our customers needed these tools and the correct alignment knowledge to do it themselves to get it right the first time.

Simply put, any alignment shop, or even utv shops do NOT have the experience, tools, or even knowledge to do it correctly. You can do it better with a little effort.

A lack of alignment knowledge usually leads someone to Youtube, where people are still incorrectly showing how alignments are done. Some even set up a utv like a car with straight edges. Offroad alignments are different then a car alignment in many ways. This does not correctly work for many reasons. You need to align to tire size.

Our alignment kit, directions, and instructional video can walk you through doing a "correct" toe set and camber check on your utv.

--No measuring from tire edge to tire edge. This is "NEVER" correct or close! 

--No measuring from wheel to wheel with a bent over tape measure. 

--No measuring with a straight edge, which is not accounting for tire size. 

--No fancy digital tools required.


Are you racing? Bad alignments can cause push in the turns, scrubbed off speed, and in general hurting your performance. With this kit, you can align and adjust your set up anywhere to get more or less turn-in per track conditions. 



2- Alignment jigs made from .100 Aluminum.  These hold the tape measure in place. Triple bolt patterns are built in. 

2- Tape measures that "MATCH" yes that is very important, so they are included. 

Four bolt patterns built in! Any utv, Atv, or vehicle with the following bolt patterns.
 4 on 156mm (4x156mm), or 4 on 137mm (4x137mm), or 4 on 110mm (4x110mm), 5 on 4.5" (5x4.5") bolt patterns. 
Arctic cat Textron: Wildcat XX wildcat, wildcat 4, XTR Tracker, Stampede, and much more.
Can am: Commander, maverick X3. 
Honda: Talon, pioneer and more.
Kawasaki: Teryx, Teryx 4, KRX 1000, Mule. 
Polaris: RzR 800, 900, 1000, Turbo S, XP 1000, XP4, Ranger, General, Ace, Pro, RS1, and now the Pro R, Turbo R with 5 bolt lug pattern.
Yamaha: YXZ, and more. 
Jeep: Wrangler YJ, cherokee, grand cherokee, comanche with 5x4.5 bolt pattern
Ford: Ranger, bronco II, any with 5x4.5 bolt pattern

Directions can be found here on Youtube: 

PRO-R 1/1/23


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    By: RAYMOND H. December 10, 2021
    I recently received and used my FULL ACCESS UTV alignment tool and it was very easy, i found that tightening the tie rods end completely then using a piece of tape to draw a line at the 12 o'clock position then loosening it to about 14 turns on each side helped kept track of the number of turns was helpful! from there what i did to one side I did to the other regardless if I did a 1/8, 1/4 ... etc to a full turn to get measurements to the exactly the same before doing the 1/8 toe in! I found that putting the tape measures going sideways from the surfaces which touch the hubs was more accurate for centering the steering wheel and as far as the measurers going the opposite directions was helpful to know for sure if I am adding or subtracting 1/16s or 1/8s for example subtracting 1/16th to each side in order to make a total of 1/8" of a toe in! Using a small piece of tape was helpful for at least keeping on of the ends secured! Other than that its very simple in order to have a piece of mind! My 2021 Polaris Ranger 1000 Premium no tracks better than the first day I got it and the four wheel drive also engages correctly now that all four wheels are going the same direction and not slipping on the ground! Can't wait to see if it makes an improvement when pushing snow with the plow! Thanks FULL ACCESS UTV for making a tool that makes wheel alignment an ease!

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