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Thinking outside the box!

Full Access UTV'S new harness bar for the KRX 1000 is a safe and simple option for any KRX 1000 owner. Our customers have repeatedly asked us for a harness bar designed FOR THE KRX OWNER. We were listening, and its finally here folks.

One of the reasons we bought our KRX is because it's roomy and offered extra leg room. Unfortunately all of the aftermarket harness bars on the market dont allow the seats to go all the way back. Add a recline kit and its even worse. If your shorter and just use the back area for storage, then the Click 6 harnesses, or even aftermarket harness bars make it VERY difficult to get anything out. You probably know that already though. We think thats crazy and started offering a DIY tab kit for a far back harness bar over a year ago. However, they were difficult to get made and difficult to ship. Today we have the answer. 

This bar attaches directly to the strongest part of your KRX 1000. The support frame! It is nearly a 1/2" thick at the mounting points which makes it stronger than anything on the market. Automotive manufacturers seat belt mounts are not nearly as thick. 

 "Safety First". 
Dont rely on the stock belts. Prepare for the worst is a great motto when it comes to safety. You never know what will, and can happen.

All offroad vehicles should have 4 point seat belts.
The factory 3 point is ABSOLUTELY unsafe and was never designed for offroad. It will barely hold you in the seat if you flopped on the side, or even worse a higher speed accident.  
The Kawasaki option is a click 6 harness which is also something we also do not recommend. They are problematic and just dont hold you into the seat the way they need to. Sometimes they lock, sometimes they dont. One locks, one wont, etc, etc. They sell them because people want some movement and comfort. Unfotunately that movement is what can, and will injure you in the end.
Be safe and use a proper 4 point seat harness that will hold you in the seat. Your back and body will thank you for it. That's our 30 years of offroad racing opinion. 

Also keep your eyes out for other soon to be released accessories that bolt directly to our harness bar. Quick release fire extinguisher and flash light kit, speaker mount, axe mount, and more.


We also offer these harness bars with discounted Dragonfire 4 point padded harnesses. You can also add a seat belt bypass plug.
Please choose in the drop down menu above.

This is for a seat belt bypass plug. This is required to go over 10 mph once the stock belts are removed.

There are 3 choices. With EZ adjust seat belts, or regular. Both seat belt drop downs include the KRX83 tabs required for installation. 
"With 4 KRX83 tabs" is for the buyer who has there own harnesses but needs these tabs for installation. Meaning your harnesses have wrap around should mounts instead of bolt through tab mounts.  


- Simple light weight patent pending design.
- Installation takes less than 5 minutes.
- THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH THE CLICK 6 HARNESS. These are a replacement for those or any aftermarket harness bar.
- This kit works with the Kawasaki Hifonics rear speaker pods and subwoofer!
- Works with the factory Kawasaki rear window, hard or soft.
- This harness bracket has 6.5 " more behind the seat room than a click 6 harness.
- 6" more behind the seat room than competitors harness bars.
- designed to fit bolt in harnesses or click in harness tabs. (not wrap around seat harnesses. They can be converted) 
- Comes with upgraded 10.9 flange bolts for strength. 
- Includes 2- 1/2" harnesses to harness bar mounting bolts with washers and nuts.
- Both shoulder belts bolt through the single harness bar tab. This is common offroad racing practice. 3 pictures of how to do that are shown. 




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  • Star Rating
    By: Ray B. July 03, 2024
    Easy to install,sturdy ,and looks great highly recommend
  • Star Rating
    By: Dale M. January 18, 2024
    Works great with the Rear Speaker Pods on the Hi-Fi sound system. Took a few minutes to figure out how to install with the soft rear glass. This came with no instructions so that is my only complaint. I also purchased the dragon fire 4 point harness kit with this.
  • Star Rating
    By: Kenneth H. May 01, 2022
    Great product easy install highly recommended if ur want harness does not affect the room behind seats

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