Kawasaki KRX & KRX4 1000 Seat Belt Bypass Override, GET ONE!




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The KRX or KRX4 has a governor installed to help protect you and your passengers by not allowing you to go more than 10-15 mph unless your factory seat belt is fastened. When you install 4 or 5 Point Seat Belts, it is no longer necessary to fasten at the factory seat belt location since they are equipped with harness style fastening.

To reach full power, you'll need to install our seat belt override. This is a very easy to use device that is entirely plug and play. No cutting, no splicing or soldering.

Customers have reported being 40 miles out in the woods when the factory seat belt switch fails. Leaving them to drive back at only 10+ mph. Frustrating to say the least! Throw it in the glove box or install it now, but dont go without one. 


1- Seat Belt Bypass with zip tie


  • Model: KRX39
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    By: Matthew F. January 30, 2023
    It works and you can't put a harness in without it
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    By: William T. July 26, 2021
    Very easy to install. My plug was just inside the plastic center console piece. Follow the wire from the driver seatbelt plugin. Unhook factory, install this, viola - done. Longest part was fishing the factory plugin out of the center console, just use some needle nose and you can grab it easily. I took apart the seatbelt plugin and removed the factory wire and switch. Not required but I did not want the wire there if not in use.

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