Kawasaki KRX & KRX4 1000 Sway Bar Disconnect kit. Front & Rear



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11/28/21, We are now shipping Disconnect kits that work WITH the Kawasaki windshield washer bottle. 


Looking for a smoother ride and more flex in your KRX or KRX4 1000?

Our sway bar disconnect brackets are the ticket. These simple brackets make it possible to disconnect the front and rear sway bar in under 2 minutes! For slow speed trails or rock crawling, disconnecting the sway bars will let the vehicle move freely without kicking the chassis back and forth making the ride much more comfotable. 

Simply unbolt the nuts holding the sway bars links to the front arms and rear trailing arms. Then install the sway bar links into our bracket kit. The other side is retained by heavyduty re-usable ties.

No drilling required and the initial install takes less than 5 minutes. 


1- front sway bar bracket powder coated texture black
1- rear sway bar bracket powder coated texture black
4- re-useable ties. (2 needed, 2 spares)
All zink coated flanged hardware needed for installation. 


1. At speed with the sway bars disconnected the vehicle is more unstable. Take some time to get used to driving without the bars connected. We usually leave for a UTV run with the sway bars connected, and as we get to the trail, we use the disconnect brackets.

Then when leaving the trail, simply reconnect them. 
2.It is recommended to have a 14mm socket and ratchet handy in your krx.

3. Work of the KRX and KRX4. 


When installing the front bracket, make sure to push the bracket all the way forward and all the way up before tightening. If you dont the swaybar may hit the coil springs. 


Information and installation video: 




  • Model: KRX46
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