Kawasaki KRX & KRX4 Bolt On Transmission Skid Plate (A MUST!)


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Full Access UTV is the first on the market again with our new KRX or KRX4 1000 chassis and transmission saving bolt on skid plate! 

Whether you ride hard or not your rig needs to be protected so your not left stranded. Insurance companies are totaling the KRX for simple rear frame or skid plate damage cause by rocks or stumps. That SUCKS, but its not all!

The KRX is plagued with the same cheap thin metal transmission skid plate as all the other brand UTV's on the market. However the KRX has been missing aftermarket support until now. 

Kawasaki is aware of the transmission skid issues and is warranting broken transmission housings all over the world, yet has not come up with a long term cure.

Think a 3/8" or 1/2" UHMW Delrin skid is going to help? Think again. UHMW moves and bends. Its great for protecting the underside of your rig, but it bends and flexes. The KRX unfortunately also has transmission and motor mount bushing issues which compounds the problem leaving less than 1/4" of clearance from under your transmission to the skid plate. Transmissions are still being destroyed.

The factory skid IS NOT ADEQUATE to protect the frame or transmission from even the mildest of hits. You need to protect your investment and keep your rig out of the shop or even worse the salvage yard.

Ride hard without worry! Our skid is made from 1/8" steel and is a simple 15 minute bolt on!

1- powder coated 1/8 steel press formed skid plate with drain holes
6- Grade 9 mounting hardware. 
1- installation directions

Tools Required: 
3/8" drill bit and power drill. (Drilling is Required)
7/32 allen sockets or wrench
9/16 Wrench. 



A. This does not replace the factory skid, it bolts to it. If yours is beat or bent up, it is advised to try and straighten it before installing our skid plate. 

B. We will not replace or discount due to scratches or powder coat missing after shipping. Sorry, its a skid plate. 

C. If you are going to run a UHMW delrin skid or have one now its no problem. Please check our installation instructions by clicking    ****HERE****

D. Fits the KRX4 1000.


Installation demo and video:


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  • Star Rating
    By: Matthew F. January 30, 2023
    A must if you do anything other than flat riding with no bumps. All holes line up perfectly.
  • Star Rating
    By: CHAD B. December 15, 2022
    Installed tonight. Live in Ga. We ride a lot of different conditions here. Easy install. My machine was a year old in August of this year. Skid plate and rear factory plate beat to hell. Machine hasn’t been abused at all. The factory stuff is just junk. This is a must have and I look forward adding more products this company has to offer.
  • Star Rating
    By: jeff G. November 28, 2022
    If you don’t have one order one now, this protects the bottom of your transmission and rear differential. There is no question. This thing is rugged and protect your investment. Super easy to install well worth the price.

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