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Don't spin the motor and break the engine chains, keepers, and/or guides! If you start the motor it could instantly self-destruct. Why risk it? 

This is the tool needed to loosen or tighten the crank bolt as needed on a KRX. It is recommended by "kawasaki" to keep the rotor steady and not crank the engine. This tool works for the Kawasaki Alternator kit also (99994-1560).

This tool has 2 designs built in. The other end also works to hold the Kraftwerks supercharger crank pulley adapter during install and torquing to 100+ ft pounds. This side works with any Kraftwerks UTV supercharger kit. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, or Honda.

Also linked in the images are the factory service manual specifications for removing and installing the engine side case. Silicone, torque sequence and tightening pattern are shown. Keep it clean!

Here is a link to the Kawasaki installation instructions     ***CLICK HERE***

March 7th, 2022 Update. 
The kraftwerks KRX or KRX4 1000 directions need some updating about direction # 20. Please note the following for installation. 
1. Be very careful using RED loctite in aluminum! These engine are brittle pot metal aluminum. Be sure "your brand loctite" specifies safe for aluminum or use BLUE to be safe. 
20-A. please drain the engine oil first.
20-B. A rotor holder tool is suggested. The link to them is above.
20-C. Clean the gasket surface on the side cover and block. scrape off the old gasket and clean with carb or brake clean.
20-D. Silicone is required in 3 spots while installing the new seal. 
20-E. Install the side cover with the bolts and torque to .74 ft lbs.  Not 74

Direction 30 and 31: The crank adapter is slipping! Here is our fix.
Clean oil off the end of the crank. Hand sand the end of the crank and kraftwerks crank adapter with 60 grit or similar sandpaper. Generally apply red loctite to the end of the crank adapter where it will meet the crank. (example: putting 2 washers together, loctite goes in the center)
Also put loctite on the crank bolt threads and the acorn tapper of the bolt. When torquing down, torque it to 133 ft lbs. Not the 100 specified in the directions. Be sure to let the loctite have a minimum of 24 hours to set up before starting the machine. 
Once the above is done however. It will be VERY difficult to loosen or ever remove the bolt without spinning the motor backwards. 

1- CNC cut removal/install tool
This tool replaces kawasaki tool part # 57001-1923


A product description video can be found below. 

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