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Even though we have Youtube videos of the 6 things to do to "ANY" KRX or KRX4 1000, we get phone calls every single day.
I have a 2024. Are the issues still the same? YES!
Do I need the A arm supports if Im not bashing on it? YES!
Do I need the metal rear skid plate if I have the UHMW plastic skid plate? Absolutely and YES!
Do I need the shock mount braces if im not rough on it? YES, YES, and YES!

Simply put, YES you need all of these items we discuss in our videos. These are must do's for the KRX or KRX4! And believe me this is pennies to what anyone buying a new Polaris, Honda, or Can-Am is spending for upgrades!

We have a customer who called with just 81 miles on his KRX and it was totaled because he did not do the simple preventative upgrades needed. His shock shot through the hood and he rolled the machine. BUT, he had our kit at home in the garage and just didn't put it on yet. OUCH! That was even before the machine was broken in!

Take the simple steps to get your KRX to bashing ability! 

Get the ultimate protection package and then go ride without worry.
Below is a link to each product that is in this package. We invite you to read each link and watch a video on each product as to why you should and need to do preventative upgrades to your KRX. 

Its that simple, but just like a infomercial were not done there. Buy your kit today and we will offer you the Ultimate protection package, and the new IGAS kit for an additional cost. That's right. If you want the protection of our ultimate kit, but also plan on keeping your machine and care about what is going on with your engine, then the "I Give A S**T" kit is for you! The IGAS kit includes our center dump billet fuel rail, UNI Foam air filter, and a 3/4 Air filter plug for the BEST PROTECTION you can do! 

Thats it folks. Listed below is what is included with each kit. Next to the description is a link to more information on our website. Please read them. They cover why you need them, and how to install.

Ultimate protection kit Includes these 7 items: 
1- KRX heavy duty rear skid plate       ***Information LINK***
1- KRX front shock mount braces        ***Information LINK***
1- KRX rear shock mount braces         ***Information LINK***
1- KRX Ultimate A-arm supports package.        ***Information LINK***
1- KRX roll over valve                           ***Information LINK***
1- Pack of 2 high flow fuel filters kit       ***Information LINK***
1- Seat belt bypass plug                       ***Information LINK***

The "IGAS" kit can be added in the drop down menu above: But only if YGAS!

1- UNI foam air filter kit with 3/4" rubber sealing plug.   ***Information LINK***
1- center dump aluminum fuel rail.                                 ***Information LINK***


The why and how of the Ultimate package video!


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    By: Greg F. October 23, 2022
    Had my dealer install a couple suspension support pruducts from Full Access UTV. Thought it would be a "better safe than sorry" project. The service manager at my dealer thought it was a little of over kill because he had not seen any falures. But he was very interested to see how they worked out. Got a phone call from the service manager 2 weeks after my car was done and back in my cave. Said he had some thing to show me and ask if I would stop by. Well guess what? They had a 2023 KRX with 80 miles with the front shock tower sticking out the hood. He now likes my " better safe than sorry" scenario. It's always nice to to see that some of my "wasting your money" accessories paying off. I recommend this kit to every body. Actually I recommend all their products Greg Greg

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