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The stock fuel strainer in the KRX 1000 is starting to become a more common issue. These machines have been on the market for more than a year and we are just now seeing and hearing about more and more fuel filter issues.

Kawasaki changed the fuel sock or filter to a more restrictive design which is clogging up and lowering fuel pressure over time. This lower fuel pressure causes a lean running air to fuel ratio and is burning down pistons or cylinders.  The stock computer does not look for "lean" conditions and will just let it melt itself down. If you have a krx that seems to be running slower than before, or requires more throttle to get up to the speeds it would before. STOP DRIVING IT! Get a replacement fuel sock in it asap. 

Do yourself a favor and get some cheap insurance by replacing the fuel sock once or twice a year. It is a simple 10 minute job. 

2- high flow fuel socks, filters, strainer

Fits KRX and KRX4 models

Replace Kawasaki  49019-0034

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More fuel system information and our billet fuel rail can be found below



Here is another bit of information to consider: This was an email reply sent to a customer on 3/29

Thanks for the question. Yes I run these filters in ALL OF OUR KRX's and customers KRX's. The plugged filter you have is an issue everywhere. 

The filters we sell are the same filtration in available in almost every street bike, quad, and other brand UTV made for years, years and years. Dirt vehicle or street. So yes, they filter good enough for all other manufacturers but "my competitor" says no?  They have even started threads about this, where dealers and tuners have responded by saying the stock filters sucked and closed shut immediately on the dyno. They would recommend the higher flow filters. "A brand new KRX filter will suck shut" under wide open throttle. The fuel pump is not getting enough fuel because of the stock filter. 

Add miles and dirt to them and they are inadequate. 

The stock ones are to restrictive and the KRX needs more fuel "period". In stock form it needs MORE FUEL. From the stock tune, to a rollover valve, to fuel filters, to a fuel block.(another argument).  ALL ENGINES regardless of manufacturer or design will last with proper or more fuel. Running Lean will burn any and all of them down. That's common sense. 

Thoughts. These are the things I think of when raised with this question. 
Want a melted down fuel pump because it wasn't getting the fuel flow it needs to stay cool? That's $730.00. 
Want a melted down cylinder and new engine? Name your price over $6000.00 and a 6 month minimum wait for parts and service. And you are at the mercy of the tech/mechanics "abilities". ($10000.00 used right now on EBAY is a deal, LOL) These are just some of the issues we are called about EVERY SINGLE WEEK! 

Lets reverse engineer the idea of the fuel filter replacement. 
  So what can happen if the filter wasn't filtering enough? 
  A. Denial of warranty? There are Kawasaki ticket numbers about the issue. I doubt they would. They are working on it. 
  B. Secondary fuel screen above the fuel pump gets clogged? Nope, that screen hardly has any filtration.
  C. Injectors might get clogged? Use a good fuel treatment every once in a while for preventive maintenance. Not an issue, and cheap insurance.
  C. Might need replacement injectors? $55.00-114.00ea. If the injectors were failing you would know the engine was missing on one cylinder and the KRX would instantly lose 50% of its power and miss. 
      Even the not observant customer would know to stop driving it and would notice the issue. 
All unlikely thoughts.

Am I melting down the engine every ride because its to lean? This is more common then you know, and nobody really notices it unless they have air fuel ratio gauges. Its slowly killing the engine, some quicker than others, That's why we are talking about this today isn't it?

Its cheap insurance. Our kit comes with 2 filters. Kawasaki is aware there is an issue and will have a new superseded part # some time in the future.  

That's my opinion. Please don't post it on the internet so I have more discussions and arguments about the same thing over and over. It would be much appreciated. Im glad to help, and thanks for the question. Jake


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    By: Matthew F. January 30, 2023
    It takes a bit of time to change this but not hard you should probably change every 6mo to a year

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