Full Access KRX & KRX4 1000 High Clearance Receiver Hitch




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Not all hitches are created equal! 

We built and designed our KRX or KRX4 1000 receiver hitch out of necessity. Nothing on the market has these features and benefits.

For starters our receiver hitch is high clearance. Meaning the receiver tube isn’t sitting 1 inch above your skid plate like others. How is 1 inch above your skid plate helpful for anything?
Helpful for towing a trailer, No? Your average ball height on any trailer is 18 inches.
Helpful for getting towed out? In my opinion you’re more likely to need to get towed out if your receiver is stuck in the rocks or dirt. 

Ours moves the receiver to a usable height. With our hitch you can use most any standard drop type ball mount for most pick up trucks. Saving you money so you don’t have to buy a expensive extreme drop ball mount just to raise up your ball. 

As far as the 2" receiver you will notice that ours includes a nice beauty ring attached to the end. Not only does it look good, it keeps your legs from getting bruised and cut up working around the back of your KRX.

Our design also has another advantage. This receiver embraces the entire rear suspension plate and it’s made from 3/16 formed steel plate. It mounts to the upper radius rod bolts, and lower frame for extreme strength. We also include quality grade 10.9 flanged head bolts to install. Not Chinese grade 2 junk! 

Besides the beautiful design, another advantage of our mounting plate is it sits up above the lower frame so it does not get caught in the rocks and dirt. 

Finished off with our aluminum logo plate and a textured powder coated finish, we believe this is one of the strongest, most useful, and best looking hitches on the market!

1- receiver hitch MADE IN THE USA!.
2- grade 10.9 flanged mounting bolts and nuts.


You can add a receiver hitch pin to your order in the options above. 


Note: This works with the factory Kawasaki rear bumper and most aftermarket bumpers. 
Works on the KRX4 also.


Check out our YouTube video on the design and installation of our hitch on a KRX 1000






  • Model: KRX67
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  • Star Rating
    By: Dale M. March 12, 2024
    It’s built like a tank. Just buy it. Most heavy duty hitch receiver that I’ve ever seen. You get heat you pay for with these guys.
  • Star Rating
    By: Kyle K. January 20, 2022
    Just received and installed this hitch. It fits great, looks awesome, and includes quality hardware.
  • Star Rating
    By: BRUCE H. January 14, 2022
    High clearance............? Heavy duty...................? Craftsmanship............? Don't waste your money on a cheap/inexpensive reciever. This is the one to have.

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