MMS Honda J series Oil Filter Bypass Kit or Mount J30, J32, J35




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Honda J series Oil Filter Bypass Adapter for honda v6 engines. J30, J32, J35.

Need more clearance? This oil filter relocation adapter is the ticket!
The complicated part of this product is that its not just a simple filter mount, it also incorporates the mounting of the VTEC oil pressure switch, VTEC spool valve and all the VTEC oil passages, so it wasn't easy to machine.

Please choose above:
A- Just the oil filter bypass with (2) -10 O-ring to -10AN male fittings.
B- Complete relocation kit. Read below!  

The complete kit is to relocate you oil filter to anywhere within hose distance. Beside it being a complete package, one of the great parts about our oil filter kit is the oil filter housing. Made from Billet aluminum it holds a small factory oil filter to keep size and weight down. No extra large oil filters and relocators like from the box stores.
The complete kit includes:
1- Block mounted Billet oil filter relocation with -10 ORB fittings
1- Billet oil filter housing with -10 AN male fittings
1- Universal bolt on housing mount
1- Bosch oil Filter 2- -10 ORB to -10 AN Male adapters
2- -10 AN 90 degree to push lock fittings 6 ft of -10 AN oil hose
2- -10AN to 180 to push lock fittings
4- Hose clamps

Oil filters have an in and out flow direction. The out is the center of the oil filter. Make sure to hook the center of the remote oil filter housing to the "IN" on the billet oil filter bypass on the block. The two 180 degree fitting supplied in the kit for the top of the remote filter housing need to be bent outward in some cases for hose clearance.
To bend them outward, simply install the fitting onto the remote filter housing and tighten with a wrench. Then stick a 6 or 7mm socket with an extension into the female part of the hose end and slightly and bend it out. They only need to bend out 3-4 degrees. Use caution and dont crack the housing.

Honda 3.5, 3.2, 3.0


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