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The KRX 1000 was released in 2020.
Over time we now know the stock fuel pump is and has been a problem on these machines. They lose fuel pressure and start to lean out the motor. The lower fuel pressure causes a lean running "Air to Fuel Ratio" (AFR) and is burning down pistons. The stock computer does not look a for "lean" condition and will just let it melt itself down. 

However, this is nothing new, and we have discussed this at length with our high-pressure fuel filters, and in multiple videos on Youtube.

Our new fuel pumps have been, tested, tested, and tested again!

First and foremost;
We tried to find a good fuel pump from a USA manufacturer. We searched, searched, and tested them trying to determine a good quality pump to no avail. Some pumps even claim to be USA made but in fact, the products were not. 

Multiple pumps were tested. Some were Chinese and would not prime up at the right pressure, run at the right pressure, or even last a week of our testing.

After months and months of testing, we finally found a great fuel pump. The pump manufacturer actually supplies pumps for one of the top 4 UTV manufacturer's.

We verified our new pumps made the required 43.5 PSI in each machine tested and every condition we could test them New, Hot, Cold, Damp, and after hours of heat soak. These always maintained more PSI than our stock KRX pumps would.

On average the stock KRX or KRX 4 pump was producing 41-42 psi before removal. This was at fuel priming and running. This is below spec and was in fact running the KRX lean.

(For example:) Our Kraken KRX buggy has an adjustable fuel pressure system. Pre-settings were at 45 PSI and resulted in a KRX that hardly ran and you could smell the raw fuel. It is shocking what only 1.5 PSI over can do! We know 1.5 psi lower is horribly lean and slowly killing engines.

If your KRX or KRX 4 seems to be running slower than before, hesitates or bogs, wont gain more speed or RPM, STOP DRIVING IT!

Cheap insurance is to replace that fuel pump now!
  A stock Kawasaki replacement fuel pump comes as an entire assembly and is nearly $800. Other options available are Chinese products from All B****, Qua* Bo**, Qu*****, KE*** and others, which are junk, cheap and you get what you pay for. Nobody wants that on the trail!

1- Fuel pump that fits 2020-2024 KRX or KRX4
1- high flow fuel filter/sock.


A: Have a spare? In my experience, saving a used fuel pump is not worth the time BUT.... Just keep in mind if a fuel pump ever dries out, it will be junk. The O-rings/seals never last. 
However, if you think yours was working ok, you can try to keep it as a spare. You need to clean out your fuel pump of fuel immediately and fill it with WD40 or some other lubricant that does not evaporate. Cap the ends and keep it as a emergency backup. Keep in mind, this is not something you can do an hour after removal.

Replaces Kawasaki:
49040-0782 fuel pump. (This is not a complete assembly, just a fuel pump and filter)
49019-0034 fuel filter






Lifetime Warranty Facts. 
A -Our warranty covers the original purchaser only if you still own the vehicle.
B -The warranty covers against all material or workmanship defects under normal service and use for the life of the product. No warranty of labor, or loss is expressed or implied.
C -The pumps is warrantied for 91+ octane non and low ethanal fuels ONLY. (BE HONEST!)  A krx should be running 91 octane, especially tuned.
D -The customer is responsible for shipping cost of product both ways. 
E -Upon purchase of this fuel pump, we require the owner of the KRX or KRX 4 to send us an image of his mileage with the fuel pump package next to the gauges at time of purchase. Please also list your purchase order # for our records.  
Email: [email protected]
Email Title: Fuel Pump Records


How to Make a Warranty Claim:
Please call Customer Service at 1-775-379-0940 for the address for your warranty claim, any additional instructions relevant.
To obtain this warranty you must properly return the pump (with the strainer) and with proof of purchase of the pump.
Proof of purchase, warranty photo, and ownership may be required to obtain warranty at our discretion. 
* We have the right to cancel this warranty at any time if multiple claims are made, misuse, or customer misconduct *


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    By: Kenneth P. March 10, 2024
    The pump was easy to install and fit the way it should. I have bought quite a bit of stuff from these guys and they have never let me down and I doubt if this will be the first time. Thanks a lot guys.

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