Kawasaki KRX 1000 Silent Crossover Rings for Your Shocks (4)




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Tired of hearing that thud or slamming sound in the front and rear of your KRX 1000? That sound is the coil spring sliders hitting your secondary locks on the shock body. It is normal and nothing to worry about. That annoying sound however is amplified through the larger krx body vs. other utv's.

The stock springs also do not hold there spring weight well and begin to sag over time. Your height gets lower and you become closer and closer to the secondary locks. A simple cure is to adjust ride height per the owners manual.
While you are at it, install these KRX silent crossover rings. 


Note: To loosen and adjust the coil spring retainers it is recommended to use a proper shock adjustment tool to make life easier. Besides a good coil spring press, our adjustment tool is the easiest tool you can use. Save a few bucks and buy them together. 
More info can be found by clicking   ***HERE*** 

4- KRX silencer rings
With or without shock adjutment tool (click drop down above)


Check out the why and how to install video below:



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  • Star Rating
    By: Jason T. November 14, 2022
    I was expecting these rings to merely reduce the clunking noise, but I believe it totally eliminated the noise altogether !! Well worth the money!
  • Star Rating
    By: Michael P. April 18, 2022
    Work perfect. no more clunking. Trust me you need these. Quieted down the shock clunk.
  • Star Rating
    By: Michael P. April 18, 2022
    Work perfect. No more clunking. These should come on the machine to begin with.

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