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Everyone knows! The KRX 1000 suffers from weak sagging coil springs.
Simply put the springs are junk. Its not just Kawasaki though. Polaris or any UTV brand, source their springs through the shock manufacturer (FOX). Fox purchases cheap springs that fit the specified spring rate and build the shocks per the manufacturer. They are a cheap sourced coil springs that wont last. 

Ride Height:
We have adjusted the springs on our multiple KRX rigs more times then we would like to count. The ride height ALWAYS lowers and the rig rides like crap. Why? Because it then rides on the stiffer primary spring. You need to adjust it back up so you are riding on the softer secondary spring and gain proper ground clearance. 

Tender springs? 
Tender springs are absolutely something a real offroad or race shop would NOT sell you or recommend.  FYI, they have NEVER been offered here at Full Access Utv. They are a bandaid to help keep your machine from not riding on the stiffer primary spring. Tender springs are also stiffer than the stock secondary spring they replace. That stiffer rate causes a harsher ride than stock. By stock we mean a properly adjusted stock spring set up.

When using a tender, you are still retaining the junk lower primary springs.  We already know the rears are to stiff, and with tenders, you will still continue to do adjustments as the lower springs collapse also. Yes, a full spring kit is more $, but its not a cheap patch. These springs replace the entire set of coils on your KRX fixing the entire problem.
You should change all 8 coil spings! 

Ride Quality: 
Ride height, and constantly adjusting the ride height are just 2 reasons to replace your springs. Ride quality beyond what Kawasaki intended is the notable other. The KRX was set up to be a rig for ALL. Its meant to carry payload for some and be a trail machine for others. That does not work or even ride well for some. 

This spring kit will improve your ride in every condition and vastly improve your ability to deal with the added weight of accessories. Your stock springs are not calibrated for additional aftermarket accessories but we have taken that into consideration with this kit. These springs will deliver race inspired performance and control for Trail, Rock Crawling, and Desert/Dune rally action. They will reduce rear end bucking and allow the suspension to absord the terrain as designed.
(Note) If you are the kind of person that is set up with an ice chest for a family of 6, a spare tire, every tool you and your friends could need, and more, etc. These are probably not for you.  

Quality and Warranty:
Zbroz offers these springs with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! Well, That tells you something!

2- Secondary front springs.
2- Primary front springs
2- Secondary rear springs
2- Primary rear springs
4- AWESOME stage 1 Shock Decals to show you are upgraded!


OPTIONS, 3 Drop Down menus above: 
Option 1- A shock adjustment tool to make installation much easier. Choose from with or without in the drop down menu above. For more info on the shock tool click   ***HERE*** 
Option 2- Crossover ring silencers can also be used with this kit to keep the slapping sound down. Choose from with or without in the drop down menu above. For more info on the shock silencers click   ***HERE*** 
Option 3- With nitrogen reservoir shock caps. (4)  Choose from with or without in the drop down menu above. For more info on the reservoir caps click  ***HERE***

directions can be found ***HERE***
We recommend setting your front shocks adjustment clickers to 11 turns out, and the rears at ZERO. Tune from there. 




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