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Restore Your Ride
The ride quality of your KRX 1000 decreases as your mileage increases. The Kawasaki factory springs are weak and do not hold their ride height. The holes you used to roll over, start to feel like craters, and the tiny bumps you never felt shake your rig like an earthquake. You also start to hear a smacking or flapping sound which is your coil isolator smacking the secondary stop on the shock. Restore your Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 by adding a simple Tender Spring Kit. 

Designed to Handle the Trail
No matter how you ride, your shocks and springs bear the brunt of the impact. That's why we make them as strong as we can in the USA! We utilize ultra-durable, heat-treated steel to ensure optimal performance. We construct each spring with precision, giving you the best quality ride.

These do NOT work on the KRX4 4 seater.
It is our recomendation to upgrade to a full spring package (8) vs tender springs (4) for a 2 seat or 4 seat KRX.
We have full spring kits for 2 seat and 4 seat.   ***CLICK HERE***
These tender springs are what we consider a band-aid and only replace the upper coil spring wit ha heavier spring rate than stock. The factory lower primary spring is also low quality and will also lower ride height, and eventually fail.


Teryx KRX 1000 spring rates:
380 lb./in. front spring rate
225 lb./in. rear spring rate


  • Model: TS-K-KRX
  • 1106 Units in Stock


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