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Everything below pertains to 2020 to 2023 Kawasaki KRX and KRX4 1000. If you see something incorrect or that needs an update, Please let us know at [email protected]. It would be greatly appreciated.  


Congratulations on your purchase of one of the best machines on the market. Of course all of what you read here is our opinion, but with championships in offroad racing, rock crawling, and utv racing. Our opinion is something you should consider.

The KRX is built STRONG. Stronger than anything we have seen from any other manufacturer to date. That's why we made the jump to Team Green. It is the same reason UTV rental companies across the country are replacing their machines with the KRX. Kawasaki is a reputable company with a large following. Their new KRX just changed the game, and with their incredible factory warranty, its unmatched!

Kawasaki has been going above and beyond to do the right thing for the utv consumer, and to us that speaks volumes. Kawasaki is a brand name we are glad to stand behind, and we are glad you did too. 
Congratulations on your new purchase! 


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Check out Jakes view of the KRX vs other machines on the market below!

PLEASE read all the way to the bottom of this page. We understand there are a lot of links that take you out, but please be sure to read this in its entirety. Special offers at the bottom.

1. The KRX is a first year machine and Kawasaki has had a couple growing pains. First year vehicle always have something that slipped through the cracks. Some safety related, some not.
However don't be discouraged, take our word for it, these are MINOR set back vs other brands and Kawasaki has your back!

Setbacks are one thing, and machine abuse is another to manufacturers. Kawasaki has been OUTSTANDING at warranties on the KRX or KRX4. They are nothing like Polaris, Canham, Honda or others who are looking for a way to "NOT cover" what needs replacing. Kawasaki is a stand up company, and 99% of the warranty issues we here about are the actual DEALER who is the probelm. Please keep that in mind.

Another thing to mention is you should purchase the "FACTORY" 3 year warranty before your 6 month warranty expires. The cost of replacing some parts on these machines can tripple the cost of an extended warranty. PLEASE take our advise and make sure you are covered.
 Another dealer trick is to sell you a "Extended warranty" that is NOT from Kawasaki. Please dont fall for that trick, and understand if the dealer sells Kawasaki they MUST offer you and sell you the factory extended warranty. If you are having any issues, just give us a call or send us a. email. 

2. 2020-2021 KRX. Verify if you have the new or old knuckle design. 
The KRX had a flawed steering knuckle and A-arm design in early 2020. At full compression while turning, the knuckle would hit the A-arm stop and cause the knuckle to break.
Take a look at the picture.

There are a couple options here:
A- If your parts are the old style you can get them replaced from Kawasaki free of charge. Call Kawasaki with your vin number and they can schedule you into a local dealership to have them replaced.  Owner support 1(949) 770-0400

B. Cut or grind the corners of the knuckles. It may be some time before you can get your machine to a dealer for replacement, so we would recommend doing the cuts before you have a problem. We also do this modification to our NEW knuckles as well. This is our opinion and should be discussed with your local dealer however. 

3. Switch your Rollover vent valve.                 2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
Whether you purchased a California emission model or not, a replacement rollover vent valve is a must do item. There is no reason to pressurize a fuel system except for emissions. We highly recommend you change it, and it only takes 10 minutes.
Please click the link below for more information.   ***KRX Rollover Vent Valve***

4. Are you doing dirt trails and riding? Your going to need a cab seal kit!

Our first trail ride experience was a rough one. We learned there are WAY TO MANY OPEN HOLES in the interior! Some of them are directly inline with the tires and dirt flies in from front and back. BOOOO! Kawasaki makes a cab seal kit, but it only helps a little? I say a little, but its a 90% improvement over 6", 8", and 10" open holes! .
Its a must do, but then you will need to invest some time and energy into further sealing all the areas. We will have a write up and possible video of what we did in the future.
Here is a link to the upcoming page  ***KRX CAB SEAL KIT***

4. Brace the front and rear upper shock mounts and A-arm Mounts.         2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
Ok this is a MUST DO! Please brace the upper shock mounts and lower A-arms mounts. These areas are a major safety concern and for a few bucks you can ride with piece of mind. More info is in the product details below.  PLEASE READ! 
Front upper shock brace kit  ***KRX FR SHOCK BRACE***
Front A-arm braces  ***KRX A ARM BRACE***
Rear shock Braces can be found  ***KRX REAR SHOCK BRACES***

5. PLEASE ADD SAFETY ITEMS.              2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
A. The over the shoulder belts are great for a car with an airbag. However in a utv they are NOT SAFE! 
Get yourself a harness bar for behind the seat. We have a few different versions to choose from for 2 seat and 4 seat KRX models. ***2 SEAT CLICK HERE***       ***4 SEAT CLICK HERE***   
Then get yourself some nice padded 4 point harnesses.   

B. Get at least one fire extinguisher for your safety! Our quick release fire extinguisher brackets are located below:
Our complete fire kit in located  ***HERE***
KRX4 Fir Extinguisher kit can be found by clicking  ***HERE***

6. Stock seat belts or not.            2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
A seat bely bypass plug is a MUST have item. Plug it in now and use it, or throw it in the glove box incase of emergency. The KRX has a safety switch built into the drivers seat belt clip. If the seat belt is not clipped in, the machine only hits maybe 10 MPH. The stock switch in the KRX seat belt is known to fail, leaving riders stranded in the middle of knowhere. Can you imagine being 100 miles away and only being able to do 10 mph back? No thank you!  Do yourself a favor and get a bypass.
They are available for purchase   ***HERE***

7. FYI. The gas gauge does not read correctly.            2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
Folks, you can go further than you think. Typically 100 miles is average in a KRX. Here is a diagram from Kawasaki showing where 2 gallons of fuel is hiding. If you would like to fix this issue, it would be a good idea to do it when doing the fule filters. 

Check out our video on youtube to correct the issue.


8. CHANGE the fuel filter!       2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
Long term reports are showing that the factory fuel strainer (filter or sock) connected to the fuel pump is over restrictive and may clog up and pinch shut. This issue creates less fuel pressure and lean air fuel ratios. This lean condition is the main cause for blown or melted down motors. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your factory strainer to our high flow fuel strainer. Its a simple 10 minute job and it should be done once or twice a year depending on your usage.  Its cheap insurance! The video above also applies! 
They are available   ***HERE***


9. Change the fuel rail!                 2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
Watch our video in the link below. Long term KRX users have noticed the fuel rail is causing a lean condition on cylinder 2. The fuel rail will help add power, mileage and piece of mind! Below is a link to show you videos and more information.
They are available ***HERE***


10. MUST DO! Add on our rear skid plate kit!               2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
The factory rear skid plate on the KRX 1000 is weak and made of thin steel. Its the same as other utv's, however, the KRX has tighter tolerances. There is not enough gap between the transmission and skid for offroad use. Any damage to the lower skidplate causes the transmission case to crack and a new transmission is required. This is also allowing insurance companies to total the krx for frame damage. Even with 1/2" delrin skids, we have seen the factory plate bend and the transmission break. We HIGHLY recommend getting our heavyduty skid plate kit. 
Videos and more information can be found    ***HERE***


11. MUST DO! UNI AIR FILTER to save your engine!             2020-2023 KRX and KRX4.
The stock air filters are proving to not hold up. They are allowing dust into the intake and wearing down engines. Get yourself a cleanable servicable air filter and leave the worry behind. They are available for purchase  **HERE**

12. Ok, now its your KRX, so, MAKE IT YOURS! 
There is so much you can do! 

If you interested in multiple items mentioned above, but all in one simple kit,
Just Click  ***HERE***

Thanks for reading and keep in mind for trail use, always pack a portable air compressor, tire plug kit, tow strap, water, and tools. 






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