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There is more to say about clutching a utv then I would care to type. I often tell customers that clutching is ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR RIG. Most customers just think they should buy what everyone else runs or recommends, or buy what someone else mentioned was good. Spring kits and clutching are two things you should never just take someones advise on. Your rigs are more different then you think. 

Where do you ride? What is the typical terrain you drive on? Slow or fast? Weight of the machine, tire size, number of seats, belt type, what do you carry onboard??  Its overwhelming and simply put, any one who tells you they are giving you the "BEST" clutch kit is looking for a sale. 
If you think just buying a clutch kit will make it faster or fix your issues? Think again, you are actually going to cause more issues without the right advise.

A quick utv clutching explanation. If you set up a clutch for mid power or top end power, you are giving up something somewhere else. That is usually the bottom end and low rpm power.  So if you ride slow trails, rocks, etc, you ended up hurting your belt and clutch sheeves.

I often tell people clutching a utv often relates to trying to climb a dirt hill in a truck.
Manual or automatic transmission?
 Automatic. Clutching is like adding a big high stall torque converter. More top end power, but it kills the crawlability and slow speed. You end up burning up the fluid, converter, and trans.
Manual: its like trying to climb the hill in 2nd gear and you no longer have a 1st gear. It just keeps burning up the clutch.

Hope that helps. 

Its a give or take scenario with clutching, but with the Kawasaki KRX wet clutch system makes it much easier to do in a KRX.  Clutching is complicated, but with the right guy and right recommendations, you can do it yourself! 


Thanks for reading. Below is what dynojet has to say about there clutch kit.


Get your Kawasaki TERYX KRX1000 ready to dominate any terrain — sand, mud, rock or trail — with a new and improved Dynojet clutch Kit. A Dynojet Clutch Kit prolongs the life of your belt by making for lower clutch temps and allows you to keep the good times (or the victories) coming. Dynojet’s new clutch kit employs slick shift thrust washers to address the KRX’s wear issues prolonging the life of your UTV.

Now that you’ve purchased a Kawasaki TERYX KRX1000, give your UTV the longevity it needs with a clutch kit. Stock drive belts can fail when your UTV’s performance is pushed, and the clutch wear will increase. No matter how you plan to drive, or which tires you’ll put on the Kawasaki, a Dynojet Clutch Kit is the essential upgrade you need for durability. Once installed, you’ll feel the difference the first time you take it out, whether it’s in the dunes, the woods, or just your own backyard. Our clutch kits are engineered to make sure that your UTV can upstand the toughest trails, and leave your competition in the dust on race day. With adjustable arms that can be updated for any adventure and multiple spring options, you can unlock the next level of performance. The clutch kit is perfectly paired with Dynojet’s best-in-class EFI flash tuner, Power Vision 3. Don’t just accept stock limitations — rise above them with a Dynojet clutch kit for your Kawasaki TERYX KRX1000.

The clutch kit is perfectly paired with Dynojet’s best-in-class EFI flash tuner, Power Vision 3.

Don’t just accept stock limitations — rise above them with a Dynojet clutch kit.


  • Easily adjustable for sand, mud, rock, and trail applications
  • Increased top speed over stock
  • Efficient power transmission to the wheels
  • Cooler clutch temps yield increased belt life
  • Highly durable thrust washers eliminate wear and prolong clutch life
  • Engineered to deliver maximum output from Dynojet Power Vision performance tunes

NOTE: These work on the KRX4. However MORE clutch weight needs to be added to the TIP.

Installation instructions are available   ***HERE*** 


  • Model: 17-DCK2
  • 62 Units in Stock


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