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Full Access UTV Exclusive!!


The next level of air filtration for your KRX or KRX4 1000 is here! A truly "clean" air filter that can be cleaned over and over again!

For over 50 years, Uni Foam Air Filters have been unsurpassed in both engine protection and overall performance. And their unique two stage design produces MORE HORSEPOWER* and MORE TORQUE than any other air filter. Jake went straight to the leaders of offroad air filtration and designed this all new clamp on style filter for the KRX owner.

"The KRX or KRX4 stock push on style paper air filters are inadequate and allows dust to enter into the air intake. For less than the cost of two stock air filters, now you can have the best air filtration on the market". 

If you have watched our air filter video, then you understand the importance of having a clean air filter and air intake.  
Dirt kills engines. Period!


This new air filter design has many advantages over stock or competitors filters.

- Features UNI’s exclusive two stage foam which has a built in pre-filter with 2 levels of oiled foam filtration.

- The filter sizing is huge compared to stock. It fills the entire air box so you can ride longer and dont have to clean it as often. 

- More horsepower and more torque then stock!

-  This is not a push on filter which is another advantage. This new filter clamps to the air filter inlet so no dirt has a chance of entering pre the air filter 


NOTES: Drop down menus:
(UPDATE) Add On: You can choose to add a LARGER 3/4" rubber sealing plug to your order if you ride in DEEP water or would like a larger hole to tighten the hose clamp. Easier install. (Not required though) 
- You can add an air filter service kit to your order at a discounted price. The service kits come with air filter cleaner and air filter oil to service your filter in the future. 
- Drilling a 1/2 hole in the intake housing is required. (3/4" with the added rubber sealing plug)
- You do NOT need to remove the air box or shock to drill the hole. It can all easily be done in the KRX. 
- This air filter does work with S&B and kwt air filter relocation kits. 

One uni 2-stage air filter pre-oiled and ready for use.
3- reusable rubber sealing plugs. (for deep water the KRX93 sealing plug is recommended)

Replaces OEM # 11013-0782

Check out our Part 1 video about the new UNI KRX 1000 air filters below:


Check out our Part 2 video about the new UNI KRX 1000 air filters below:


Check out our air filter knowledge video below::


  • Model: KRX92
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  • Star Rating
    By: Michael B. November 24, 2022
    This is Mike and Jake everything you said about putting this thing in was easy-peasy, I also went one step further and safety wired the 3/4 plug I wish I could send a picture but will not let me. I am so glad you came out with this,because I was wasting money on the other filters and prescreen With dirt and dust getting passed into My air Box and throttle bodies, I now don't have to worry about that with the new UNI filter, Again thank you
  • Star Rating
    By: WILLIAM G. August 18, 2022
    My name ain't Mike but if it were I'd have to say, "I think Mikey likes it." Simple 3/4" hole drilled strategically per Jake's instructions. Easy peasy. I have confidence this is gonna stop the fine dust in its tracks, or at least in the KRX's intake tracts. Previously wasted money on the R2C filter that let dust past and then of course the factory filter sucked.... sucked dust. This UNI is the one filter to rule them all.

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